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Vintage Tee Dress

So you are that woman – the one that looks perfect when the rest of us look like we had a fight with a sticky fly strip and a pigeon. Yes, that’s from a movie – we can’t be original all the time.

Anyway, so you’re that woman – the perfectly polished one we all have girl-crushes on.

Wait, you’re not? Neither am I!

But you want to know my trick? It’s this dress. I’m serious. It’s adorable. It’s perfect for throwing over your bike shorts so you look adorable when you swing by to get ice cream after your ride – even though you have helmet marks on your forehead. The cutie scooping your Chubby Hubby doesn’t notice because you look so fetching in your 100% cotton vintage t-shirt dress. Great scoop neck. Perfect sleeve length. Drapes just so.

It’s the kind of go-to wardrobe staple that will go from ice cream after a bike ride to the beach or walking the cat or whatever else it is that you do in your perfectly normal, pigeons-nest hair, helmet-creased forehead, real life.

Now, carry on.

Fit: True to size.
55% cotton, 45% poly jersey
Machine wash
Full color See Jane Ride logo