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We get women of all ages and ability levels on bikes to empower them to see what they are truly capable of – accomplishments that are often surprising and life-changing.

We believe that life, like riding a bicycle, implicitly includes walking, stopping, resting and then continuing…or stopping, if necessary. We give ourselves permission to ride ‘imperfectly,’ and without embarrassment, shame or self-derision. We give ourselves permission to see life as a long ride, complete with walks, rests and backtracking but a life clearly in motion – and with a strong girl or woman at the handlebars.

Started as small business, based on big ideas, See Jane Ride realized that they were in the business, so to speak, of changing lives and now is converting to a national nonprofit organization that would foster See Jane Ride clubs around the country while overseeing the development of programs that embody the Jane philosophy.

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