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Toddler Tees

Rumor is that you have to walk before you run and run before you ride. So why would a toddler be cycling through life like Jane Rides herself – wearing Jane gear and such? Don’t think it’s very realistic, do you?

Well, I say that today’s kids are smarter than you think. The other night I saw an infomercial that claims you can teach your 3-month-old to read. That seemed believable – but I hadn’t slept in a couple days so I may have questionable judgment – so I’m thinking that if you can teach a 3-month old to read, you can teach that same kid to ride a bike at 6-months. Why wait? Well, we at See Jane Ride value safety when cycling so it would be reckless for us to advocate a baby on a hybrid bike if said baby was unable to read road signs, right?

Where was I? Oh, justifying why a toddler should have a t-shirt with See Jane Ride on it. Because it’s adorable. Pretty colors, awesome logo. The toddler in your life will be cruising on a bike through your neighborhood before you know it, driven by the power of See Jane Ride. You’re welcome!

Fit: True to size
100% cotton jersey
Machine wash
Double needle hemmed and taped shoulder-to-shoulder