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Jane Bag

Who knew that this year’s gotta-have bag features my face? I’m humbled, fair friends, humbled indeed.

I’d love to believe that it’s my charming visage that draws women far and wide to this cotton canvas bag but I’ll have to admit that it’s the bag itself that is the biggest draw.

It may be the perfect everyday bag. Long-enough straps, roomy but not gigantic. You can easily fold this fabulous bag and tuck it into your purse or bike bag or your knee socks – so you’re always ready for some impromptu shopping or wild apple picking (ask before you pick – you don’t want to have apples thrown at you a la The Wizard of Oz).

As you can see, my personal fab bag is packed with all the goodies for a lovely country picnic à deux including strawberries for moi and carrots for Devo.

You? You can put anything in this bag – from school books to gym clothes to your lunch for work to cheese, wine and baguette picked up at Rue Cler Market in the 7th Arrondissement. You should really consider getting a few of them for bigger shopping adventures or the inevitability that you leave your bag at work when you need it at home…or someone pinches it because they covet it so much. Who would blame these tote thieves? The straps are long enough that you can easily wear this over your shoulder — even on those chilly Parisian nights when you don your most fashionable cloak – but not so long that the bag hits you in the fanny as you walk. Don’t get me wrong, we all love a little fanny pat now and then but not from a versatile tote bag…

15” x 15” with 26” (total length) double straps. Natural cotton canvas with See Jane Ride logo imprinted in blue.