About Jane

Carla Myers

Carla Myers

Chief Executive Jane

Carla Myers is a creative junkie who is constantly shaping and reforming her skill-sets as artist, crafter, lawyer, yogini, audiophile, cyclist, mother to a tutu-wearing, bicycle-loving, 5 year old, and is an all-around champion of adventure. She is a renaissance woman who prefers the regency period and is married to a Mr. Darcy with a single-speed bicycle.

Carla is unapologetically quirky. After all, why can't she can't eat French toast for every meal for a month? She likes French toast. It's tasty.

Carla loves a good story in any form including audio book, legal case, an old city or an old quilt, but she most enjoys the stories she hears when riding next to someone on a bike.

Carla is an SJR co-partner, licensed attorney, artist and holds current certification in wilderness First Aid.

Abbey Sackrison Caldwell

Abbey Sackrison Caldwell

“We count Abbey as one of our original Janes – and one of our most accomplished. Since first hitting the road with See Jane Ride, Abbey has completed several 40+ mile rides, mastered the art of using clipless pedals, and bonded with her fun cruiser (that she named Lady Jane).

In a perfect world, Abbey would combine all of her loves – her husband, Mike; daughter, Ella; shopping; sushi; coffee; and knitting – with her passion for cycling. Since a bicycle built for three, complete with a coffeemaker, sushi chef, and saddles bags big enough for lots of flip flops hasn’t yet been created (are you listening, Cannondale?), Abs makes due with balancing all the things that make her happy.”

Tracey Brauksieck

Tracey Brauksieck

Tracey likes to make men cry. Big men. Like college athlete men. As a massage therapist she has that opportunity every day – proving her physical strength through deep tissue massage. But that’s only one aspect of this Jane’s strength.

A farm girl at heart, Tracey grew up on a Christmas tree farm and was horseback riding and milking cows practically from birth. She earned the nickname Tracey Lightning as a kid because she ran everywhere – and fast. Her speed took her to Penn State where she ran competitively in cross country and track. Just for fun, she picked up cycling and swimming, realizing she was pretty darn good at those things, too.

That’s one impressive woman! But this amazing woman also knows about inner strength. One of her fave quotes: Women are like teabags. They never know how strong they are until they get in hot water. Eleanor Roosevelt would definitely approve!”

Dana Marsh

Dana Marsh

Chief Marketing Jane

Dana has always liked hats so it’s no surprise that she’s prone to wearing many of them.

In her business life, she wears her marketing and communications hat with aplomb - although sometimes tilted everso slightly to one side, just to be quirky. In her personal life, she goes for a decidedly sportier style – whether it’s to don a baseball cap emblazoned with a Penn State logo or, more recently and more actively, a cycling helmet (safety first).

As Chief Marketing Jane, Dana loves spreading the word of an organization that has changed her life and how she looks at adventure. Now instead of thinking, “I can’t do that,” she thinks, “I’ve done that! What’s next?”


Jane Rides

Inspiration Consultant and Blogger

Jane travels the globe with her goat, Devo and enjoys jumping off loading docks and onto her copper-colored cruiser.

Educated at home and reading Jane Austen from dawn until dusk, Jane flourished in an unsupervised childhood and developed a fascination with cloven-hooved animals that could support her cheese-making habit. During studies in Paris, where she once stood on the cobbled Champs Elysees cheering on Tour de France riders, Jane was bitten by the cycling bug.

After working for a time at Tu Lon Restaurant in San Francisco and perfecting her riding skills in fabulous Marin County, California, Jane is thrilled to join women everywhere for cycling adventures.