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Purple Stainless Steel Sports Bottle

So well all know that Jane pops up in the most exciting places – on an outrigger off the island of Molokai, in a kibbutz in Israel, chatting up the Dali Lama in Tibet.
But like most of us, sometimes we want to be incognito…especially on those days that you wear one blue sock and one black, you have that spot on your forehead that is reminiscent of your teenage years, when you are likely to run into your ex (and his new current) at a wedding. And you don’t have a date. And you have a zit on your forehead. And you’re wearing two different socks. With a dress. And sandals.

Jane’s kinda like that. Minus all the awkwardness and more like the Angelina Jolie kind of incognito. Jane knows when she can hide in the shadows and when she has to be red-carpet ready for her fans.

This stainless steel beverage bottle embodies Jane in that way. This regal purple insulated bottle has a twist lid to keep hot things hot and cold things cold and keep all things in the bottle and not all over your car seat or daypack.

Jane sits front and center on this bottle – imprinted discretely in black so she’s incognito. As this bottle collects condensation Jane’s face becomes perfectly visible. (What’s cooler than cool? Jane cool!)

Black twist-off lid features a hole for a carabineer (not included) so you can clip it on to a backpack, a pack of dogs, or an alpaca.

Constructed of stainless steel. Insulated. Holds 26 ounces.