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Dude put some pants on!

Posted by Jane on 05/11 at 11:05 AM

Jane is:  In Dubrovnik, Croatia giving Bear Grylls cliff diving pointers.

She’s humming: “Somebody that I used to know” by Gotye.

She’s exclaiming: Dude, put some pants on already! Nobody wants to see that.

Jane was: At a Quadrille dance camp with Devo. He was an excellent partner except when he refused to make light conversation and ate Jane’s beaded reticule.

Devo is: Doing the backstroke in the Adriatic.

He’s thinking: Grylls, put some pants on already. Nobody wants to see that.

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Yogalattes and Fashion Week

Posted by Jane on 02/21 at 06:07 PM

Jane is: Currently in London crashing Fashion Week parties, eating the hors d’eouvres that the models won’t touch, and paying back a favor to Betsy Johnson.

London smells like: Scones and Mr. Darcy’s cravat.  Delicious.

Jane was: Spending the winter at a Yogalatte ashram but had to leave because she found it hard to relax while drinking all that coffee.

She has been out of touch because: Devo ate her laptop in a fit of caprine Ludditism.

She’s anticipating: An empowering spring, summer and fall on her bicycle and having to squeeze into her skort by using a shoehorn sprayed with Pam and the greasy butter wrappers from her scones.

She hopes: You will join her or at least eat some scones in solidarity (save the wrappers!)

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Just in from the Good Witch Glenda: There’s no place like home

Posted by Jane on 06/11 at 07:56 PM

Jane is: Just back from running for an hour in State College, Pa.

She’s relaxing by: Listening to “Camelot” on her iPod: It’s May! It’s May! The lusty month of May!

She’s scarfing down: 16 oz. of water and raw honey on 7-grain toast.

She’s excited about: Riding in the rain yesterday on the Lower Trail in Huntingdon County.

Chewing nearby is: Devo. He’s eating the laundry out of the hamper.

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Tofu and Snow…..It’s, like, so natural

Posted by Jane on 02/09 at 07:54 PM

Jane is:  Cross Country Skiing at Whitegrass near Davis, West Virginia

She’s exclaiming:  I swan! This place has already had 178” of snow this season!

She’s tucking in to:  Tofu and Cashews as only Whitegrass can serve it up – in a cozy spot with good company, live music, and a place for Devo right under the table.

She’s humming: “Misty taste of moonshine, teardrop in my eye.”

She’s enamored with: Oxygen debt. Cross Country skiing is tough!

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Hooroo from a Sunburned Country

Posted by Jane on 01/20 at 07:53 PM

Skiing in Turkey was fabu, but Devo was itching for some alfalfa, so we headed south to summer. I’m surfing the Ally at Currumbin this week on Australia’s Gold Coast. Killer right hand pointbreaks!

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Turkish Delight

Posted by Jane on 01/14 at 07:35 PM

Jane is: Currently heli-skiing in Erzurum, Turkey with her ladies literary society.

She’s relaxing by: Drinking potent black tea and resting her feet on an actual Ottoman.

She’s absorbing: A lecture on the Turkish poets’ proclivity for the quatrain and not the couplet. 

She’s confused: Because the Turkish poets’ motto is a couplet: Couplets are so yesterday / The quatrain’s now the only way

At her feet is: Her beloved alpine goat, Devo       

She’s anticipating: The deep-powder caches she’ll be skiing before lunchtime.

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